Born on the beach of Bali in 2006. Italian designer Ludovica Virga decided to produce crocheted dolls made to support Balinese affected by the tsunami, who were left without work because of tourism industry left in crisis.

    The first creation of Ludovica, or Luvilu, as she is affectionately known by those closest to her, was born by chance. The first Mua Mua doll was made as a gift for a dear friend.

    Success came in 2009, when the young designer, during a Chanel fashion show in Venice, met Karl Lagerfeld and gifted him a Mua Mua doll in his likeness.
    The designer then forged a collaboration with the world renowned Italian designer and in 2012, she was commissioned to produce more than 500 dolls to be sold in Lagerfeld shops worldwide.

    The response was immediate, Mua Mua dolls gradually became a brand known by those in the throughout the world of fashion. The crochet doll family grew with new characters added: Anna Wintour, Coco Chanel, Franca Sozzani, Lady Gaga and many others.

    Today, designer Ludovica Virga and her ironic view of the world of fashion, House of Mua Mua has become a brand sold in the most famous concept stores around the world since 2016.

    But Mua Mua is also a fashion label with a big heart born with with a strong sense of charity and humanity: each doll is in fact made in Bali to support the local economy and those in need. Furthermore, proceeds of each sale of the Mua Mua doll collection is donated to a Balinese school in Sumbawa to help and support women in education.